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Monday, June 14, 2004:
  Vigil Service 7 P.M.
  at Mortuary
  7805 W. Center Rd. ((Google Maps and Satellite maps logo))

Tuesday, June 15, 2004:
  Funeral 10 A.M.
  at St. Stephen
  16701 S Street. ((Google Maps and Satellite maps logo))

  Noon Luncheon
  at City Hall (Google Maps and Satellite maps logo)

Memorial Fund:
Frolio Children Education Fund
c/o Heafy Heafy Hoffman Dworak & Cutler Funeral Home
7805 West Center Rd
Omaha, NE 68124-3102.

Funeral Home ((Google Maps and Satellite maps logo))

via the Funeral Home ((Google Maps and Satellite maps logo))

"I love your garlic-stuffed olives. They really make a martini taste GREAT!"

  a quote found on the web site of the Gilroy (CA) Garlic Festival (left by Jeff Frolio).

Read Jeff Frolio Comments


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Jeff Frolio

We grieve the passing of one of our most cherished citizens.  On Thursday, June 10th, 2004, Jeff Frolio's life was cut far too short by a vehicle that struck him while photographing a story for KETV Channel 7, the TV station where he has been employed since 1984.  Jeff leaves behind his mother and father, Joe and Clella Frolio of Florence, and his wife Marianne, and three wonderful children.  Heafey-Heafey Hoffmann Dworak & Cutler Mortuary ((Google Maps and Satellite maps logo)) handled the arrangements for a Tuesday (June 15th, 2004) 10 A.M. burial.  Services were at Saint Stephen the Martyr Catholic Church at 16701 S Street. ((Google Maps and Satellite maps logo)).  Jeff's family asked that instead of flowers, donations be made to a memorial education fund for the children (via the Funeral Home).

There was also a Vigil Service Monday evening at 7 P.M. at Heafey-Heafey Hoffmann Dworak & Cutler Mortuary, West Center Chapel, 402-391-3900. Address: 7805 West Center Road ((Google Maps and Satellite maps logo)).

If for some reason you do not know whom we are referring to, Jeff was the author of several melodramas for the Florentine Players, and was also a favorite cast member.  His involvement in Florence, Florence Days, and the Florentine Players, exceed what many would strive to ever have the time to contribute.  His attention to detail in the melodramas, and the sophistication to which he put his heart in the characters he played, cannot be duplicated or replaced.  We truly have lost a great soul.

His love for trains and train history has been especially significant to Florence.  His love for life has affected everyone that came into contact with him.  His zeal for the playwright perfectionist with a double innuendo twist of humor has delighted us all from the oldest to the youngest attendees of his melodramas.  In Florentine Players fashion, melodramas have more than one title;  our events page lists Jeff's last play (May 2004) as: "Happy Birthday Florence" or "Did We Really Last 150 Years?" or "Methane, Propane, It's All Natural Gas," another in the series of really dumb Melodramas by Jeff Frolio.*

Jeff was chosen as the Nebraska Television Photographer of the Year twice in his career, an honor that would be prestigious to even be nominated.  Jeff's care and skill at his job has rubbed off onto coworkers naturally, as he enjoyed sharing his knowledge, always making it enjoyable to the younger teams.  Jeff has played in Omaha area bands since his teen years.  His current band "Bakersfield" was one of his favorite pastimes.  Just about anyone in Omaha's music scene that has been around for a while was familiar with Jeff.  In other words, in addition to Jeff's family, many will feel the loss of this very exceptional person.

Following the burial services on Tuesday, there was a special noon luncheon at the Florence City Hall to commemorate Jeff; thanks for bringing your prayers and thoughts.  Yes, there were some tears shed, we couldn't help it with such a great loss, but for every one shed in sorrow, I can guarantee you there were an equal amount brought about from the funny stories we shared.

The Florence Historical Foundation provided the main dishes and side dishes and desserts were from the community.  John and Diane Lemen, and Rick and Linda Quistad put together a slide show to show at the Tuesday luncheon.  Thanks again if you sent your comments and photos to Diane and John in time to be included in the presentation.  They helped to make the Luncheon very special.

It wouldn't matter when in the year that Jeff would have been taken from us, he would be dearly missed; but to lose him so soon after May's "Florence Days" celebration and the melodrama that he wrote, we are all stunned, and terribly grief stricken.  Please bear with us, and to help in our healing process, perhaps you can share a favorite Jeff Frolio story, or a photo you had boxed away somewhere.  There are so many (very many) stories that we need to gather and share about Jeff; now is the time to celebrate the happiness that Jeff left us.  Send any photos to Diane and John Lemen.  Even after the Tuesday luncheon, they will continue to compile stories and photos for Jeff's family; we will post a web version on our web site as they become available.

In the meantime, feel free to send your thoughts to us () so that we can post them as well.